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The conquest of enemy Capital allow you to get the enemy treasure (available as an income at the beginning of the next turn). This rule encourages players to hold little cash or to create a bank.
If they deposit their capital at a bank, these can not be looted until the extinction of the faction to which the bank belongs.

Under specific conditions each faction can create a bank (100K for the maritime republics, 75K for large factions, 50K for all others).

A bank allows you to move / hide capital without the use of a diplomat (so the Ottoman Empire could easily borrow the kingdom of France while not having direct contact). To maintain a deposit in a bank you need to pay an annual interest on the deposited capital, the amount of which varies from bank to bank and depends on the agreements made with the bank. The bank may also lend to any Player (including the holder of the Bank) with an annual interest that will vary from the agreements made with the holder of the bank.
For deposits, the players involved will have to inform the Administrator, immediately he will send a Swiss emissary to collect the money to be deposited.
Remember that once you deposited the money, it can not be looted.
The Swiss emissary will also require the payment of interest (the collected interest will be paid directly to the bank account).
Switzerland will return the deposits to the player who requests their return only with the permission of the bank.
If the player refuses to pay the interest, the bank can decide to return the deposits (subtracting the due) or to commandeer the entire deposit (the result will depend only on the will of the players).
In case the bank seizes the deposit of the player for any reason, he can make an insurance with Switzerland that will allow him to get back the entire deposit.
If the bank returns the deposits later, the money given by the insurance will be returned. The insurance costs 5% of the insured capital and must be paid each year (so if player A secures a 10,000 florins deposit in turn 7, he will have to pay 500 florins the same turn, another 500 florins at turn 11, another 500 florins at turn 16 and so on).
For the loans, the players will establish the number of installments and the repayment turn start, Switzerland will take care of delivering the money and withdrawing the various repayments (obviously the bank must have enough money to be able to pay the loan).
In case the debtor refuses to pay the bank will be able to seize their deposits if there are any.
The bank can also make an insurance with Switzerland that will allow him to obtain the repayment of the loan, but without the interest, the insurance reimbursement will take place only if the bank can not claim on the debtor's deposits, if the loan is reimbursed at a later time, the insurance money will be returned.
The insurance will cost 10% of the sum of the loaned capital + interest (for example Player A lends to B 10000 florins to pay in 5 turns after a year at the interest of 4%, in this case A will have to pay Switzerland immediately 1024 florins for the insurance and if B does not repay the debt in full, Switzerland will repay A with 10241 florins).

At the beginning of the game there will be the Fugger bank which is managed by the Adm, which will also function as a bank for foreign factions (a sort of ECB).
In this Bank the player can deposit money and receive loans, but always at a passive interest rate of 10% identical for each faction. The debtor will have to repay the loan with interest in up to fifteen installments, but is free to establish a number of installments of less than fifteen and if he wishes he can pay off the loan without paying a penalty. The repayment will follow a "French" depreciation plan and will start after a year from the disbursement turn (5 turns). This specific bank can not fail (if I make a deposit I will certainly be able to withdraw the money when I want, which is not obvious with the banks created by the players). If instead a debtor does not reimburse an installment for more than 10 turns then the Adm is authorized to make the leave of the military units, (agreeing with the faction) to recover the money due plus default interest (30%). If this was not enough, then the demolition of the city structures will be provided (always agreed with the player). As long as that faction has not extinguished its debt, it will no longer be able to open a bank in Switzerland or receive mercenaries.

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